Day three

Success!  I made it through my first shopping trip of extreme couponing month!  Last night I made of list of things that I needed that I had coupons for and looked online at flyers to see which stores around me had the best deal.  I figured out that you can use a coupon on a sale item, so the best thing to do is find out where the product is on sale or which store offers the best price and go there to use your coupon.

My first stop was Walmart.  I really do hate Walmart – all the people, the lineups, the horrible fluorescent lights, the fact that I’m supporting a giant corporation – but they had a couple of great deals that I could use my coupons for.  I had a coupon for a free 325mL bottle of Vaseline Intensive Care Lotion I ordered from and one for a free bottle of Clairol Nice ‘n Easy Foam hair dye that i got for “like”ing their Facebook page (a lot of companies are giving out free products for becoming a fan of their company’s facebook so keep your eye out).  Then I also had a coupon for 75 cents off pasta that was only $1.47 to begin with.  So I spent 72 cents total on three products worth $14.41!  Pretty good I must say, although the experience itself was far less satisfying.  The cashier took ten minutes looking at the coupons, ringing the items through, voiding some of them, and looking me up and down.  The man waiting behind me was shooting daggers with his eyes through the back of my head.  I ended up with three receipts – one for each product – and a flushed face from all the evil looks being sent my way.  I couldn’t have left Walmart any faster.

My second stop, Metro, was a little better.  I had nine coupons, a plan of attack, and found a couple of extra coupons from tearpads in the store (who knew these were there – I have never noticed a tearpad before!). I saved $7.50 on a $37.83 bill, which is pretty good considering a few of the items were also on sale.  And I had to stop myself many times from picking up random items and throwing them in my cart, which I think saved me the most money!  Going to the checkout ran much smoother than Walmart, especially because it was the late afternoon and there was no one waiting behind me in line.   However, I was still a little embarrassed to be handing the cashier a small wad of coupons.  I better get over this fear, as I have a long month ahead of me if I don’t!

12 thoughts on “Day three

  1. Hey Linds! Good job!! Can’t wait to see how it all pans out. PS: Sobey’s has coupon books in their stores that usually have pretty good stuff in them !

  2. Wow I am so going to look at coupons a different way now. Promise I won’t throw daggers at the next Coupon Queen who is front of me:)
    Definitely passing on your blog to YOU KNOW WHO living in the big city….

  3. I don’t think I’ve ever been to Walmart without someone giving me a bad look. I have only been there a handful of times for the same reason as you. Walmart is too much of a Bully, but also everyone seems so angry there too.

    At the opposite end of the spectrum would be Whole foods, they would walk you to all the products that you have coupons for. Maybe try there until you get over your fear….that is, if you can even find coupons to use there. You won’t be saving any money, but you’ll get customer service and emotional support!

  4. Linds, Loblaws also has a little bulletin board of coupons when you first get into the store…great deals sometimes, and well, since you can’t buy it without a coupon, maybe you can find some hard to find coupons there:)
    ps can i come coupon shopping with you sometime this month? would love to see it in action! xo

  5. Well, I have to admit I am oftern one of those people in line huffing and puffing about the person in front of me with coupons. Now that I know how much time and effort goes into collecting coupons I think I will be a little more patient. Thanks Lindz, you’re blog is making me a better person already 🙂

    Are you going to keep track of how much money you save over the course of the month? This could be very interesting.

    • I probably would have been one of those people too, Annie. I feel way more understanding since starting this and I have already saved a bit of money (if only because I can’t just buy anything and everything I want). I’m keeping the receipts of everything I buy and I’ll tally up my savings at the end of the month.

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  8. Oy vay – the embarassment alone has prevented me from becoming an extreme couponer in the past!

    A good friend of mine is a whiz at it and leaves a grocery store with armfulls for naught, and honestly doesn’t seem fazed by the dagger stares or the disdain with which the Cashiers and other customers sometimes treat her. I, on the otherhand, mutter ‘nevermind’ or something along those lines and just pay full price if any trouble comes up.

    such a wimp!

    • Ha ha. I know! It’s embarrassing at first, but I guess eventually you get over it. And it’s worth it if you can save some money. You just have to be confident like your friend. I know – easier said than done!

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