Day four

It’s a very exciting day today!  I got my Entertainment book in the mail!  And I used a Groupon to order organic produce to be delivered to my door every second week, starting next Friday!

My Entertainment book

Sorting through my new Entertainment book!

First, the Entertainment book. For those of you in North America, you probably remember trying to sell these books to raise money for your school sports team or your local theatre troupe.  For those of you who don’t have any clue what I’m talking about, a little blurb from the website:

Entertainment’s flagship 50%-off savings book. There are more than 150 local editions published annually, and each is loaded with thousands of dollars worth of 50% and other valuable discounts for local and national restaurants (fine, casual and fast food dining), movie theaters, car washes, grocery stores, video rental stores, dry cleaning establishments, professional and college sporting events, attractions and more.

Very marketing-speak, but you get the picture.  I spent the day going through it and taking out all the coupons that I might use and filing them in my accordion file.  There’s some great stuff, like a free movie ticket, two-for-one tickets to theatre in Toronto, great deals on restaurants (although unfortunately half the book is for the suburbs where I rarely venture).  I even bought the book off for a 50% discount because it’s already part way through the year!

As for the Groupon I used, I’m so excited to have organic produce being delivered to me.  I was getting a bit worried about what I was going to do when my veggies and fruit ran out.  Now I don’t have to worry about searching like crazy for produce coupons or those $1 off coupons attached to the fruit and veg that are going bad.

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