Day five

A couple of people have asked what categories of coupons there are?  From the words of one friend: “I always think that coupons are for things I don’t want or need. Massages, dog food etc.”.  From the knowledge I’ve acquired over the past five days, there are coupons for practically everything (brand names of everything, but that is another issue I’ll get into another day).  In my handy accordion file I have nine categories: food, restaurants, fast food, health, beauty, household, shopping, entertainment, misc.  Right now in my food section I have coupons for juice, salad dressing, tea, yoghurt, cereal, rice, soup, coffee and even bagged salad.  As for the restaurant and fast food categories, most of those I found in the entertainment book, however you can also find coupons online at, and other websites like those in your city.  If you’re planning on going to a specific restaurant, check online before you go to see if there is a coupon you can print for it.  Even if it’s 15% off, you’re still saving a little money.  And couponing is fun (or at least I’m trying to tell myself that!).

Health and beauty have everything from vitamins, to makeup, to pain pills.  And there are coupons for every kind of household supply.  I like to use only natural products, so my favourite coupons for cleaning supplies and for a lot of food have been from, which have coupons you can print at home.  I went to Loblaws today and bought some natural dish soap with a $1 off coupon from The Healthy Shopper.  Finally, for the entertainment category I’ve gathered coupons from both the entertainment book (movies, theatre, bowling, golf  – I don’t play golf, but my friends love these) and from different online sources.  A great source for things to do in Ontario is where you can find all sorts of coupons for attractions in Ontario (go figure!).  Check out tourist websites or the tourist bureaus in the city you’re in – even if you live there. They offer great discounts on things to do in your area.