Day six

One of my biggest challenges so far is to buy produce and meat by coupon.  I work in a pub that is across the street from a 24 hour grocery store.  On the weekends I work a lot of late nights and can leave work anywhere between 10pm and 3am.  Recently I have been heading over to the 24 hour grocery store after work.  Late at night, I have discovered, is the best time to shop.  I can wander the aisles all I want looking for tearpad coupons or comparing what coupons I have to the sales on.  There are always salads, fruit and meat with one or two dollar off coupons attached to them because their use before date is the following day (I have bought beef this way, although I’m still suspicious of the chicken).  There are never any lineups at the checkout.  And if I go by self-checkout, all I have to do is hand my stack of coupons to the staff member overseeing the self-checkout aisles, after I have rung through my purchases, and she processes the discounts.  And the bonus – no weird looks from people waiting in line behind me!  It also gives me some winding down time before I head home to bed.  I realize this doesn’t suit everyone’s lifestyle.  Maybe if you are an early riser, you could go early in the morning.

One thought on “Day six

  1. I didn’t realize that you could self check-out with coupons as easily as regular check-out. Some might say it’s easier, since the self check-out cashiers usually look pretty bored and might be less likely to toss you a dirty look about coupons. I think lots of people like the idea of saving money while shopping, but don’t want strangers to think they’re ‘cheap.’ I love your blog.

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