Day eleven

For your educational pleasure…

Interesting facts about coupons:

1. September is National Coupon Month in the United States.NCM logo

2. In 2010, Internet coupons were up 79% from 2009, but still only represent 1.2% of all coupon distribution.

3. Consumers redeemed 332 billion coupons and saved $3.7 billion with coupons in America in 2009. (NCH Marketing report January 2011)

4. According to the National Grocers Association 2010 Consumer Panel Survey, 3 out of 4 shoppers stock up on items when they find a bargain.

5. 87.7% of coupons in 2010 were distributed via newspaper inserts and direct mail. (NCH Marketing report January 2011)

6. In 2006, according to the Coupon Industry Association of Canada:

  • The key grocery shopper is more likely to use coupons, if he/she lives in a household in which:
    • There are children under the age of 18
    • There are three or more members
    • The head of the household is between 30 and 55 years of age
    • The household income is between $20 and $50 thousand/year
    • The language spoken at home is French
    • There is a male and a female head of household.

(Apparently I’m not most likely to use coupons… Although I’m sure things have changed a little since 2006)

7. In Canada there were 3.6 billion coupons distributed, yet consumers only redeemed 3% of those coupons.

Sources/ More Facts about Coupons:

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