Day twelve

I got my vegetables delivered yesterday!!!  Mmmm.  I’m so excited to try them out.  They look so delicious and fresh. And I didn’t have to waste my time shopping for them.  They were delivered to my back door (when I wasn’t there –  I came home to a box of fresh organic veggies and fruit!).  As you may recall, I got the Groupon from Green Earth Organics a couple of weeks ago for two  deliveries of organic fruit and veg for the price of one (I paid $37 for the huge amount of produce you see below, and I get a second delivery two weeks from now free).  My only problem now is, how do I use half these vegetables?  I’m going to have to try out some new recipes.  Anyone of my friends in Toronto want to come be my guinea pig and let me cook for you?

Organics in the fridge

My organic vegetables and fruit I just had delivered!

2 thoughts on “Day twelve

  1. WOW! I just read through all your posts….AWESOME LINDS!! I decided to comment on this one, because I will gladly be your vegetable guinea pig;) have you gotten your 2nd shipment yet?? I also really enjoyed the pic of the dog dressed up like a lobster. hehe.
    Good job Linds, this is a really informative and entertaining blog:)
    Keep it up!!

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