Day thirteen

Cassie Howard is the 25-year-old stay-at-home mom in Mississauga who runs my favourite couponing blog  On her “My Story” page, she talks about how coupons have changed her life:

My life is better because I found coupons. I’m now a very frugal person. I try to get a deal on EVERYTHING. I shop around, I wait for sales. I’m a more patient person. I’m a happier person.

She posts everything on her blog from how to get started, to coupons, to freebies, to what’s on sale.  She also includes advice on personal finances, easy recipes, and organizing tips.  As she is an expert on the subject, I asked her if she would answer a couple of questions for threehundredsixtysixdays and she kindly agreed:

What one piece of advice would you give someone just starting out couponing?
My advice would be to START SLOW. Many people start using coupons because they see other people do it, and those people have usually been doing it for a long while. They pay next to nothing for their groceries, and they have massive stockpiles in their homes. The part a new couponer needs to understand is that you can do this too – eventually. You really need to start slowly, learn the ropes and then eventually, you too will be able to pay next to nothing for your groceries!
How much time per week do you spend on everything to do with coupons – ie. clipping coupons, organizing, shopping, blogging?
Well, considering my blog is my job and my blog is all about couponing… I spend at least 8 hours a day. However, if I didn’t run my blog, I could easily manage 3 hours a week dealing with coupons. 1 hour to hunt online for deals and read the sales fliers, 1 hour to plan my shopping trip and 1 hour to shop.
Do the coupons you get influence the products/brands you buy?  Or do you have regular brands you use and look for coupons specifically for these brands?
Absolutely. I am not brand loyal AT ALL (except for a handful of products). I will buy whatever brand I can get the cheapest, with or without a coupon. If I have a $1 coupon for Bick’s pickles and they are on sale for $2.97, but Vlasic pickles are $1.87 regular price – I will buy the Vlasic because they are cheaper. I do have some brands that I will always use (Nutella, Kraft Peanut Butter, etc.), so I will look for coupons for those, but they are HARD to find.
Thanks Cassie!

4 thoughts on “Day thirteen

  1. Thanks for the link to my blog and for interviewing me! It really makes me happy that you enjoy my site so much and that you find it helpful. 🙂

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