Day fifteen

Homer Screaming

It was a hard day today in Lindsay’s coupon world.  I went shopping in Burlington with my mom to kill some time before I had to go to the dentist (the one thing I had to spend money on without a coupon… $244 later – ouch!).  I kept seeing things I wanted to buy on a whim – things I probably didn’t need, but were so cute or that I could use in my house.  Then I really wanted a coffee.  Then I was hungry and wanted to buy a snack at the train station on the way back home.  Each time was painful to refrain from spending money because I didn’t have a coupon.  I’m so close to just buying something without a coupon, just for the sake of it.  However, I’m not going to.  I’m staying strong.  I’m planning.  I’m carrying my coupon accordion file everywhere I go.  But it’s so hard right now.  I’m over it!  I’m not even half way through the month and I’m frustrated.  I just want to be able to not plan.  I want to stop thinking “coupon” everywhere I go.  I now see coupons everywhere.  Yesterday I saw a commercial with a guy standing in front of a grocery aisle.  I immediately thought about coupons, even though the commercial had nothing to do with them!  Couponing has taken over my brain.  Ahhhhh!

Ok, deep breath… Thank you for letting me vent.  I’m glad to get that out of my system.  Tomorrow is another day and I will formulate a new plan of attack to get me through the second half of the month.  Today, though, I pull my hair in frustration.