Day seventeen

Happy St. Patty’s Day everyone!  As I work at an Irish pub, have just finished a long shift and am soooo ready for bed, today’s post is going to be brief.  But important.  Peggy asked in a comment a couple of days ago whether getting something for free counts as ‘couponing’.  Absolutely!  Here are a few great resources of where to find free things:

  1. Smart Canucks has a forum page with over 50 links to how to get stuff free online (click here).  I’ve tried a couple that worked and a couple that were outdated, so best to just look through the list and give the link a try.
  2. My favourite Mrs. January has a page dedicated to Canadian freebies that she updates regularly (click here).  This is where I found out about the free hair dye I got from my Walmart shop that I wrote about on day three.
  3. has a coupon right now for a free Mars chocolate bar for their Random Acts of Chocolate campaign.  They send the coupon to you in the mail. (click here)
  4. was recommended to me.  I find the site a little harder to navigate, but there seems to be some good stuff on here if you can sort through all the ads.

These are all Canadian sites to free things.  I’m sure whichever country you are in has many sites similar to these that offer databases of where to find coupons and free stuff.  I’m happy to do some research, if any of my international friends want me to look into finding some websites for them to use!  Just let me know.

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