Day twenty

I had a little epiphany in the grocery store today, so I’m going to put off the second half of American/Canadian coupon comparison until tomorrow.  I went into the Metro to pick up a couple of items (one of which was a bag of spinach I paid only 29 cents for! – priced at $1.79 and I had a $1.50 off bagged salad coupon from the inside of a Kellogg’s cereal box).  When I first started this experiment I was more worried about using a coupon than whether I was actually saving money.  I would buy products with a  50 cents off coupon, when I knew I could get it on sale for much cheaper than that.  It was the point of using the coupon. Today, without even thinking about it, I looked for the good deal.  It’s no longer just about using the coupon, it’s about how I can save money using the coupon.  It’s changed from ‘an experiment buying everything with a coupon’, to a way of thinking and shopping.  My favourite part is that this wasn’t a conscious decision.  It just happened.  Obviously I’ll have to see what happened after Extreme Couponing month is done, but I think this experiment has changed me for good!

3 thoughts on “Day twenty

  1. Yay! I’m so glad that you see that using coupons is more than just using them on random items. You start to see the savings build up and then you look for deals on everything and become money savvy. 🙂

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