Day twenty-one

This woman is crazy!  And who needs 150 bars of candy? Is she really feeding her family all that processed food?  Wow!

That is just one example of what is possible for extreme coupon shoppers in the United States (although I think that example is a little excessive).  In Canada, though, things aren’t quite so easy to get such a huge discount on products.  Here are some more differences between American and Canadian extreme couponing to continue from Saturday’s post:

#3. The population in America is much higher than it is in Canada and there more stores to choose from, therefore for each store to compete they need to offer lower prices and better sales.  (Even when our Canadian dollar was worth less than the American dollar, Canadian shoppers were always heading south of the border to get great deals.)  Products are in competition as well and therefore manufacturers offer more coupons and higher value coupons.

#4. Coupons are scanned at the cash registers in American groceries stores.  In Canada it is more work for the cashier as they have to manually input each coupon and compare the coupon to the product to make sure they match.

#5. Stores in Canada do not double or triple coupon values.  In the United States some stores will offer double and triple coupon values as a marketing strategy to get shoppers into their store.

I do wish we had more coupon offers here.  It would make this month much easier!

4 thoughts on “Day twenty-one

  1. I saw a show on this woman, that was my first peak into the “extreme couponing world” and it scared the crap out of me!!!

  2. Wow, it must suck to be a cashier in some stores in the States! I can think of better ways to spend my time than scouring a store for 6 hours for deals and then returning the next day to buy excessive amounts of 1 product 🙂

  3. That video makes me sad. How can they eat all this food before it goes bad? Even it they don’t go shopping again for months? The ketchup really stands out. Dan & I figure that we’ve only owned one or two bottles of ketchup since we’ve lived together. The first one was thrown out when we moved.

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