Day twenty-two

Three weeks down of Extreme Couponing, one and a bit to go!  In honour of my three week landmark, and to add a little humour to your Tuesday evening, I’ve written (in Letterman style) the Top Ten reasons Extreme Couponing is an extreme sport:

#10. It is not about competition with others, but the difficulty of the activity.

#9. There is a lot of solitary training and researching of the best methods to achieve success.

#8. Those who don’t coupon look at couponers like they are crazy.  Those who are part of the extreme coupon community are most impressed by the most extreme deal.

#7. Recognizing physical ability and blocking the natural instinct of fear are important.

#6. Couponers must be prepared on what to do in an emergency – like when the cashier won’t accept a coupon and you must pull out the copy of the store’s coupon policy you carry around in your purse so you can argue your case.

#5. That woman from the video I posted yesterday (from TLC’s Extreme Couponing) is going to have to perform a pretty spectacular stunt to get those nine carts of groceries home and put away.

#4. “Extreme sports allow and encourage individual creativity in the innovation of new maneuvers and in the stylish execution of existing techniques.” (quote from MSN Encarta Extreme Sports encyclopedia entry, but I found it very fitting here)

#3. The adrenaline rush from getting that ‘great deal’ is intense.

#2. The danger level of being stabbed by the daggers coming from the eyes of the person waiting behind you at the checkout while the cashier sorts through your stack of coupons is high.

And the number one reason why Extreme Couponing is an extreme sport is…

#1. Those paper cuts really do hurt!

13 thoughts on “Day twenty-two

  1. Linds, I’m finding this whole thing fascinating.
    Coupons (as a lifestyle or a sport) are not common in Australia. There is a little bit of couponing, and a few “cash back” offers after you purchase an item, but it is fairly uncommon here. I remember seeing coupons on TV shows and movies or reading about them in books when I was growing up and not really getting it…and I still don’t!
    I can see the value of it, but it sounds like a real commitment to reap serious rewards. I guess, like most things, if you grow up around it is easy and normal. I can identify with your feelings of embarrassment earlier on in the month – I think I would feel similarly.
    I’m too lazy. I don’t feel like I buy enough stuff to be super diligent about finding all of the items on special, and I have the luxury of knowing I can afford most things I want. If I had a family I would be more conscious, but as a single person I live within a pretty small. The reality is I’m in a privileged position and don’t need to worry. I am lucky.

    Thanks for conducting this experiment – I’m really enjoying it.

    • Thanks Suse! Great to hear from an Australian perspective! Growing up here we did have coupons around, however I think my generation of Canadians is similar to you – especially those single and lucky to be able to afford most things. I agree that having a family would change that.

  2. As I’ve grown older I’ve learned to be more patient with people slowing the checkout line with coupons as I’ve realized the need to save money (even if little) is real for a lot of people (especially families). However, I still have no patience for people buying or validating lottery tickets. Lots of stabbing going on there.

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    • Hi Treasure,

      I don’t mind at all if you share this on your site. I’d actually love it if you did. The more people to see it that will it enjoy it, the better!


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