Day twenty-four

The problem with online coupons:

I had a very productive shop at No Frills today, but not a very smooth one.  The problem was the online coupons I printed at home.  No Frills in Parkdale on a Thursday at 5:00 pm is very busy. Each checkout has a line up anywhere from five to fifteen people waiting.  When I finally got to the front of the line I handed the cashier my coupons.  The first few were fine because they were from the mail or ones my brother’s girlfriend cut out for me from a milk bag.  However, when it came to the online printed coupons, the cashier went to see another cashier.  Then the manager came over.  Then they chatted about whether each coupon had all the details they needed on it and whether it fit with the product.  Then they debated some more about whether they could accept them.  Meanwhile, the line of people waiting are becoming more and more impatient.  The guy behind me let’s me know that the line is long and it’s busy, as if I can do anything about the fact that the cashiers are taking so long to decide whether they will accept my coupons.  People at the end of the line are craning their necks to see what’s going on.  Finally, the cashiers agreed that they would accept the coupons and after two transactions (because for some reason they couldn’t accept them in the same transaction) I got everything I went in there for.

I don’t blame the cashiers at all.  I know they were just doing their job and I was fine to wait.  I’ve become more patient and less embarrassed since starting this month.  The problem with online coupons is their legitimacy.  One of the coupons didn’t have an expiry date and that worried the ladies at No Frills.  I understand.

In any case, it was a very productive trip.  I used two online coupons for Ziploc bags from (click here) that I printed at home – buy 2 save $4.  As Ziploc bags are on sale for $2 each right now, I got four boxes for free!  (Well, almost free – I had to pay the taxes.)  I also got two bottles of Ocean Spray Cranberry juice for free – they are on sale for $1 each and I used two $1 off coupons printed at home (click here).  I had a coupon for $1 off Raisin Bran and as it is on sale for $2, I only paid $1 for the box.  Finally I had a buy 2 get $1 off of Catelli Healthy Harvest pasta and they are on sale for $1 each, so I got two for the price of one!

I feel great about getting such fantastic deals, despite the minor drama.  I was prepared that I might have a problem at the checkout with my online coupons, so I remained patient and got through it.  And these are all products I would consider buying anyways.  I’m glad I could get them for free or for cheap.  I guess the moral of today is that although finding a great coupon online is exciting, it could lead to debates at the checkout.  Let’s hope there will be a better system for online coupons sometime in the near future!

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