Day twenty-five

Food bank

I’ve spoken a bit over the past couple days about getting products for free and my issues with why that’s not always a good thing.  I’m missing a huge section of this, though.  Many extreme couponers take the excess product that they get and donate it to local food banks.  Finding the best deal is sometimes as much about the ability to find the deal – the chase – as it is about getting the product.  It’s exciting to get things for free, even if you don’t need them.  And there are always people less fortunate who could use the excess items.  I’m still under the mindset that we need to be aware of health and the environment, but I greatly respect all those couponers out there who are regularly donating to those who are less fortunate.

3 thoughts on “Day twenty-five

  1. My roommate did this once – but to gain Air Miles. Metro was offerring a large number of points if you bough 4 or 6 (or something) packages of Mr. Noodles and he worked out that if he went and spent $150 bucks on Mr. Noodles he would earn enough points to get $220 in grocery store vouchers for Metro. So he bought a pile of cases of Mr. Noodles and dropped them off at a food bank, and was able to get his grocery vouchers no problem, This definitely proves your point about the quality of food available at a discount, or even regularly low prices!

    • That’s such a good idea. I never thought about using Air Miles that way. I always just collect Air Miles and never use them! That was nice he donated the Mr. Noodles to the food bank.

      • Haha I think it was an act of self preservation, knowing that he would eat them all eventually if he kep them 🙂

        Ya, the Metro vouchers are the only thing I use my Air Miles for – pretty awesome, free food!

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