Welcome to threehundredsixtysixdays.com

Three hundred sixty six days (3 hundred 66 days) is a year of my life I am devoting to month-long social experiments.  Check out “About threehundredsixtysixdays” above for more details.

Thank you for joining me on this journey!

Update: I have finished my year of month-long social experiments (read my 366th post here for a recap of what I went through and what I learned), but I am still blogging every Wednesday about the process of writing the book, my life and other fun facts about the topics I covered.  

4 thoughts on “Welcome to threehundredsixtysixdays.com

  1. I may be very stupid, but I can’t seem to be able to figure out how to go to day 1 to read through all of your posts from the beginning. It’s driving me nuts. It seems I can only do it by clicking “older posts” on each page, and that will take forever! Looks like a good blog though!!

    • If you click on the calendar at the side of the blog and go to the month of March, you can go through it that way, day by day. If not, you can select a category of the topic you want to read on the side as well and read through the month. I hope that helps! Thanks for the support!

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