Day thirty

I’ve almost made it to the end of Extreme Couponing month.  Tomorrow I will recap my month, talk about all the things I learned, the lessons I will keep with me and those I am glad to be done with.  Today, though, I will give you my finally tally of what I saved over the month.  I’ve tried my best to keep my receipts for all my grocery shops and basically everything I spent money on.  I was not as good at this as I would have liked, so the final tallies below for restaurant visits are estimates, and I also figure I lost a couple receipts along the way for other things (I was doing so well at keeping my coupons organized, I would sometimes forget to keep the receipts just as neat).  Therefore, keep in mind that these aren’t completely scientific figures, but they do represent the kind of money I did save by buying everything with a coupon:

Groceries: Before Coupons $194.61 – Spent $125.47 = Saved $69.14!

Household and beauty supplies: Before Coupons $66.45 – Spent $31.67 = Saved $34.78! (I saved more than I spent!)

Restaurants and Entertainment: Before Coupons $235 – Spent $200 = Saved $35! (these are estimates as after a glass of wine and a good chat with a friend I sometimes lost track of the goal to keep the receipt)

Total Before Coupons: $496.06
Total Spent: $357.14
Total Saved: $138.92!!!!
(This doesn’t include the fact that I used coupons on top of  items already on sale, so I saved money that way as well)

I didn’t buy very many things that I wouldn’t have bought already – I mostly stayed with my organics and healthier food.  I actually bought much less than I normally would and I always had plenty of food to eat (good lesson for future grocery shops).  I still went out and sometimes would treat friends to dinner with my coupons in exchange for them buying theatre tickets, or helping me with the blog.  I must admit, though, that a lot of friends did buy me a beer, etc. or agree to come over to my house for me to cook for them instead of going out, so I thank them for being so supportive.  I couldn’t of done it without you guys!