Day thirty-three

A couple of statistics about the arts:

  1. According to a survey of 18,000 Americans in 2008, “American adults who attend art museums, art galleries, or live arts performances are far more likely than non-attendees to vote, volunteer, or take part in community events.” (read here for the full report)
  2. “Canadian consumers spent over $27 billion on cultural goods and services in 2008. The $27.4 billion in consumer spending on culture in Canada represents $841 for every Canadian resident. Consumer spending on culture is three times larger than the $9.2 billion spent on culture by all levels of government in 2007/08.” (Hill Strategies report)
  3. According to the Canada Council for the Arts, the median earnings of an artist in Canada is $12,900 per year.
  4. And one final quote that I enjoyed: “Culture provides a means to be entertained, celebrate commonalities and differences, express individuality, feel a sense of attachment and experience artistic expression.” (page 36 from this Hill Strategies report on the social effects of culture)

My art project for the day:

Today was a very long day at work and the only thing I really wanted to do when I got home was sleep.  Begrudgingly I got out the oil pastels I bought at the dollar store (yes, the top-of-the-line pastels), found my sketch book and started to experiment (I’ve never used oil pastels before).  I looked up some tips online of how to use them.  I spent two hours drawing flowers, wine bottles and me.  I’m so glad I did.  I actually feel better having done it than if I’d had a nap.  And my hand-eye coordination is great right now!  See below for my self-portrait and one of my other drawings.

Self portrait!

Oil pastel flowers I copied off a piece of art online (the original artwork is much better)

4 thoughts on “Day thirty-three

  1. Wow…they’re really good, Lex !! I could frame the self portrait and put it beside the other portrait I have of you as a baby standing by your crib…the only difference is this time you’re clothed!!

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