Day thirty-five

still life
1: a picture consisting predominantly of inanimate objects
2: the category of graphic arts concerned with inanimate subject matter

Whenever I saw a still life painting, drawing, sculpture, or photograph, I always thought they were of objects already assembled together that the artist enjoyed and therefore decided to create an art piece from.  I never realized that the artist set-up the still life: chose the objects, arranged them, and figured out how to light them.

Yesterday I created a still life.  With help from an artist friend, I chose some inanimate objects, set them up in an interesting manner, and arranged lighting around them.  I took a couple of simple photos to show the set-up:

Rough photo of the still life


Lighting set-up for the still life

We’ve left the still life set up and over the next month I will be periodically creating different kinds of art with it.  Yesterday I used charcoal for the first time and drew:

Charcoal Still Life

Today I am working on a secret art project that I can’t write about online because it will be a gift for someone that reads my blog and I don’t want to ruin the surprise.  But trust me that I’ve devoted over an hour to creating this masterpiece!