Day forty-six

Art preparation

The preparation of making art is just as important as the actual creation.  The process of deciding what to create and how to create it is an integral part.  As I found out from my still life experiment, the objects for visual art are chosen and placed very carefully.  I know from my experience in photography, the subject of the photograph is often as important as how the photograph is taken.  In theatre and dance, the brainstorming meetings while creating a new work for the stage is the foundation from which the play/dance is created.  Art can sometimes happen spontaneously, but more often than not it is a planned happening.

Tomorrow I am making necklaces with a friend.  She has a vision, which she described to me, then we set out to buy the supplies to re-create the vision.  While shopping, discussing, and looking at different materials over the course of a couple of hours, new ideas came up.  Both of us came up with modifications on her vision, using different chains, beads, string and ribbon.  Then we sat down and discussed how we are going to create the necklaces.  I am excited to see what will come as we work with the materials tomorrow, especially after we have slept on our original ideas.

That all being said, here is a quote from Pablo Picasso: “I don’t know in advance what I am going to put on canvas any more than I decide beforehand what colours I am going to use.”  The beauty of art is that it can be created in so many ways.

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