Day forty-seven


Inspired by our shopping trip yesterday, my friend Breanne and I set out to create original pieces of neck ornamentation that didn’t cost us $30-$40 (the average price on Queen Street for necklaces like the ones we made today, from what I can see).  We had our supplies, we brainstormed ideas, we decided on our visions.  Then Breanne’s idea didn’t work because of the type of chain she bought.  And my idea fell apart part way through!  However, with patience and imagination, we both managed to create necklaces we love.

Our creations!

I’m pretty sure I’ve created a bit of a jewellery monster in Breanne now.  She’s already talking about going back to pick up more supplies tomorrow, and all the ideas she has for different kinds of necklaces she wants to make.  It’s nice that this month has inspired other people besides myself.

Art month has been hard to write about.  With couponing, there are lots of facts and interesting tidbits of information about the extreme couponing way of life.  Art is about the experience.  It’s about how one feels while watching the play, or hearing the song, or seeing the painting.  From the artist’s viewpoint, it’s about using my imagination to create something that is true to me at the time.  Sharing these feelings has been the hardest part of this month.  And finding time to spend an hour every day to devote to art, when life is whizzing by me.  I do feel better every time I am creative, but sometimes it’s hard to remember how important that is when the fact that I haven’t done my taxes or that I need to clean the house are preoccupying my thoughts.  However, the moment I pick up the pencil to draw, or start to play the guitar, or pick up the chain and pliers to make the necklace, nothing else matters and I am totally focused on the task at hand.  I can put aside the craziness in my life for an hour.  And that’s makes me better able to deal with the chaos after.

Breanne's necklace

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