Day fifty-four

Salsa Dancing

This is how I looked last night while salsa dancing at El Rancho:

Ok, well maybe not.  But I did have a huge amount of fun!  The talented Katelynn Goulding, latin and ballroom instructor at Danceology in Toronto and amazing salsa dancer, invited me to join her for the evening.  It was a little intimidating at first, as my salsa dance experience is a few free classes in a bar in Burlington many years ago, but I ended up getting really into it!  There are some fantastic dancers at El Rancho, so it was fun even to watch them.  But I did do a few moves – a little salsa, a little merengue.

Tonight I’m working on some art to put up on my walls.  I was borrowing some from my friend and old roommate, however she’s moving to China, so I now have a lot of blank walls to fill!