Day fifty-four

Salsa Dancing

This is how I looked last night while salsa dancing at El Rancho:

Ok, well maybe not.  But I did have a huge amount of fun!  The talented Katelynn Goulding, latin and ballroom instructor at Danceology in Toronto and amazing salsa dancer, invited me to join her for the evening.  It was a little intimidating at first, as my salsa dance experience is a few free classes in a bar in Burlington many years ago, but I ended up getting really into it!  There are some fantastic dancers at El Rancho, so it was fun even to watch them.  But I did do a few moves – a little salsa, a little merengue.

Tonight I’m working on some art to put up on my walls.  I was borrowing some from my friend and old roommate, however she’s moving to China, so I now have a lot of blank walls to fill!

5 thoughts on “Day fifty-four

  1. Hey Schweitz,
    Bet this was a blast!!! Salsa is such a fun dance style. I have been to El Rancho before, it is a hoot!!!
    Did you wear a flowy dress for twirling?

  2. Sorry about the blank walls….i’ll send you some fantastic photos I found in a Gallery here in Shanghai. Just beautiful and the photographer is extremely talented. I’ll take you when you come to the french concession, amazing place within Shanghai and where this gallery is.

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