Day fifty-six

Religious Art

Christ of Saint John of the Cross, Salvador Dalí, 1951

In honour of Easter Monday – religious art.  I’ve always been fascinated by religious art and architecture. Because religion is so important to so many people, the art created in this love is made with such passion and devotion it is always so rich and beautiful.

In the Sydney Morning Herald (Sydney, Australia) on Friday, there is a great article on art based on the Easter story that I would recommend reading if you are interested in this topic.  Briefly, though, the article touches on how the universality of the story of Easter has provided inspiration for some of the greatest Western art.  It also talks about some controversial artists who depicted the story of Easter in extreme ways, like: “in 2000, English artist Sebastian Horsley travelled to the Philippines to be nailed to a cross as part of preparations he was making for a painting based on the death of Jesus.”

Every religion has its own art that I can’t begin to describe in a short blog post.  However, no matter what the belief system, religious art touches me emotionally and aesthetically, even though I’m not religious.

I’m not going to be creating any religious art, but I felt it needed a say in my month of 30 Days of Art.

One of my favourite buildings in Toronto:

St James Cathedral, 65 Church Street Toronto, built in 1853

Tonight I am going to the Wrecking Ball, “an attempt to bring the headlines to the theatre. We ask acclaimed Canadian and international playwrights to dramatize the world we find ourselves in today … right here … right now.”  As the twelfth Wrecking Ball since the first in 2004, it is a response to the federal election coming up on May 2nd.  The hope is that it will increase national conversation about the issues surrounding the election.  There are Wrecking Balls in Victoria, Calgary, Edmonton, Winnipeg, Toronto, Ottawa and Montreal tonight, with some live tweeting involved.  Follow the conversation on Twitter to see what’s happening: #wreckingball2011. More about this tomorrow…

2 thoughts on “Day fifty-six

  1. Unfortunately when I think of religious art work I think of Piss Christ. It was on display at the National Gallery of Victoria in my last year of high school caused quite a stink.

    I love religious art. I love the the powerful belief that drives its creation. The feeling behind it usually startles me but I enjoy that someone found this thing so amazing that they had to create something to show their passion for it. (Besides, religious art gave me many hours of distraction whilst stuck in Church growing up.)

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