Day sixty-one

The end of 30 Days of Art!

I’m happy and sad for my month of art to be over.  I’ve seen and taken part in a lot of interesting things I probably wouldn’t have found the time to do if I wasn’t doing this experiment.  I’ve discovered some new areas of interest that I’d like to pursue – like charcoal drawing, knitting, and stop motion animation.  I’ve participated in some fascinating political art events because my art month happened to fall in the lead up to the Canadian federal election.  I was even asked to write a blog post about my experiences writing about art during the time of election for the Department of Culture (read it here). Thank you to everyone who took the time to teach me a skill, or join me on an art expedition, or learn alongside me.

Recap of the month

What I covered during art month and links to the posts about the topic: colouringoil pastelsstill life charcoal drawing,knittingart therapypoetry, double bassexperimental film artclay modeling and wheel,  guitarTim Burton exhibitsewing,art and politicsjewellery makingspontaneous artphotographytheatreart on a budgettheatre-in-developmentconcert,salsadesignreligious artthe Wrecking Ballstop motion animationwrought iron, flash mob.

What did I learn?

I’ve been stressed about finding time to do everything I wanted to, cover every topic of art I could, really enjoy myself, and still find time to blog about it.  Writing about art is so hard because it is more about the experience than the description of it.  I was warned by a friend that 30 Days of Art would be one of the hardest months to do.  I didn’t believe it, as I love art, but it is so true.  I was talking to this friend the other day, and after an “I told you so” from him, we talked about all the positives I got out of it.  This month has opened my creative brain to help me get through the next ten months.  It put me out of my comfort zone on numerous occasions, and forced me to reveal my lack of skill in certain areas, but also my willingness to try them nonetheless.  I am more confident that I can make it through this year having made it through this month.

Where I will go from here with Art?

My friend recently lent me The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron, a best-selling book on how to discover and recover your creative self.  It’s a twelve-week course that allows you to open up to your own creativity.  I’ve only started reading it, and although it is pretty ‘hippy-skippy’ (as my friend puts it), I think a lot of the exercises are really useful and connected to some of the things I learned while doing 30 Days of Art.  I will try to use some of the exercises to keep my creative self open.  I’m also still working on the art for my walls, including some mixed media projects, and practicing guitar.

Art things I didn’t get a chance to do, but would like to try: Hot Docs film festival (documentary film festival on now, see website for details), cake decorating (see Couture Cupcake Boutique for some beautiful cake designs), choreographing a dance (Kendra Hughes of Kinetic Elements graciously offered to help me with this, but we could never get our schedules to match), floral design (beautiful floral arrangements at Mocha Rose – I wish I had a green thumb!), finger painting (I’m going to do this one day, just for fun), life drawing class (I’ve moved this to Out of My Comfort Zone month), video game design (click here for Roger Ebert against the idea that video games are art, and here for the TED Talk with Kellee Santiago arguing that it is), and I’m sure there are many other things that I missed.

Tomorrow starts 31 Days, 31 Dates. Ahhhhhh!