Day sixty-two

31 Days, 31 Dates

Ahhhhh!  My stomach has been in knots all week knowing this was coming.  Why did I think this was a good idea when my friend suggested it while sitting at the bar many months ago?  Could it have been the couple of drinks I had?  Or was it the fact that everyone who I have told about this year-long experiment is most interested in how I’m going to pull off the month of 31 Dates?

I’m not worried about finding thirty-one dates.  They don’t have to be quality (and the bad dates will probably be more interesting to read about).  I’m worried about making it through the thirty-one dates and keeping my sanity.  I work at a pub, so there will be times when I’m working and I will have to have a lunch date, or else find a date late at night when I’m done work.  I’m sure there will be days when the last thing I want to do is talk to someone, let alone impress them on a date.  I’m going to be sick of dressing to impress, drinking and eating out.  Am I going to be able to keep track of all these guys?  I’m horrible at rejection – what if I don’t like them?  Or what if I like too many of them?  Ahhhhhh!  Can you tell I’m freaking out a little?

But I’m also a little excited.  I get to have some interesting conversations with some people I might not otherwise get to spend quality time with.  I get to enjoy dating for once in my life (I’m usually a serial monogamous, so I never really date that often before I fall into a relationship).  And I get to bare my soul to everyone reading – ok, maybe this part doesn’t sound as fun as the others!

What is this month really about?

I have many friends who have a hard time finding someone they would really like to date in the city.  Working in a corporate office job with a bunch of married people is not always the best way to find the love of your life.  And on the opposite side, working at a pub where you’re asked out by drunk men at last call is not the best way either.  What is the best way to find a mate?  Do some ways work better than others?  What will I learn about the dating process that might help others?  What are people doing wrong?  What are they doing right?  Why is it so hard?

I will examine all different ways of meeting people, including set-ups, work-mates, online dating, friends, speed dating, singles nights, picking up at a bar, double dates, etc.  I will speak truthfully of what works for me and how bad or good the dates are going.  I will also talk about these issues on a broader scale, examining social norms, dating statistics, etc.  Hopefully, in the process, I will meet someone amazing that can put up with my crazy antics and I enjoy spending time with.  If not, I’ll have met a lot of interesting people and learned a lot about human nature!

The rules

  1. Each date will be written about on the following day (so I’m not posting late every night)
  2. I will not use real names, so as to protect the identity of the date – I will use nicknames to refer to them.
  3. Second dates are allowed, but not third or more dates.
  4. (I’m sure more rules will come up as I start going on the dates…)

Here we go…

My first date is this evening, which I will write about tomorrow (see rule 1).  I have most of the dates planned for this week already.  I don’t want to ruin the surprise, but I’m really excited about a couple of them.  One in particular I’m hoping is going to go really well.  (Oooo, I bet you want to know which one that is – well I’m not going to tell you just yet!)

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