Day sixty-seven

The quickie

The Irishman

After working from 12 to 9 pm on my feet, a quickie (once again, mom – not that kind of quickie) I thought was all I was going to make it for.  One drink then bed.  Well, three drinks, dinner and dessert came and went and me so tired I almost fell asleep in the bar.

I met the Irishman while working at the pub.  He liked me in my kilt, thought I was “lovely” and asked me out quite a few times last year when I was dating someone.  Every time I told him I was dating someone, but yet he continued to come back for more.  Finally, we met up a few months ago, but I haven’t seen him for awhile now.

He drives me a bit insane sometimes, but he does make me laugh so hard!  What he lacks in height, he makes up for in personality.  He constantly tells me I’m pretty, always has a funny story about what’s happening at the “frat house” where he lives with a group of guys over from Ireland with holiday visas, and his accent, although incredibly thick, is great to listen to.  However, he ALWAYS talks about sex and teases me about being an “artsty”, which is why he drives me insane sometimes!  He’s also just starting a job as a long distance truck driver – a job that would keep him away from home most weeks out of the year.  I couldn’t deal with it.   But I’m glad I got to see him again.  I forgot how much he makes me laugh and treats me like I’m special.


The blind date.  A set-up from a friend who thinks we’ll be great together, all I know is that he’s got brown hair.  In our age of Facebook and photos online everywhere, it is definitely weird to go into a date completely blind!

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