Day seventy

The first boyfriend date

The back of the First Boyfriend's Durango - yes that's the kind of sense of humour he has.

When my first boyfriend (the one that I wrote about my first kiss with for January’s First Kiss Interviews) heard about my experiment he asked me out. We’ve kept in touch over the years, but since we broke up after three months of dating when I was seventeen and he was twenty, we’ve never been on a date.  Of course I said yes because of not only my excitement to see him (it’s been a year at least), but also the great writing that could come from it!  He’s notorious for being silly and inappropriate (giving my innocent, virgin, 17-year-old, mortified self chocolate body paint for Valentines Day in a crowded restaurant because he thought it would be hilarious).  He joked beforehand that he might show up with chocolate body paint already applied to himself to top what happened thirteen years ago!  I was a little scared.

The First Boyfriend surprised me completely.  It all began with gifts of two flowers.  The first, a pot of yellow Gerbera with a note that says: “Here are some flowers for your mother on Mother’s Day, because I’m the kind of guy you can take home to your family.”  The second, a pink rose, with a note saying: “And here is a flower for a beautiful girl, because I’m the king of guy that you can keep all to yourself!”

Then he whisked me off to dinner at O.Noir, Toronto’s first “dine in the dark” restaurant.  A very cool experience, where you choose your food and beverage before you go to sit down (I chose the “Surprise Dish” for all three courses), then you are taken in to a pitch black room to have your dinner, served by a blind server.  It definitely heightens your other senses, including touch (yes, I had to use my hands a lot – a good hand wash before heading in is recommended by me), smell and hearing.  We ended the night having peppermint tea and coffee and chatting.

He was a complete gentleman.  Well, maybe except for the fact that he LOVES to debate, which turns into never-ending discussions about topics where both of us are being stubborn and neither give in.  He’s a filmmaker and it was amazing to hear all his brilliant ideas of scripts he’s writing or is going to write and films he’s going to make.  I love talking creative ideas.  They always inspire me to create more.

It’s funny how, although we have both matured and grown, we are still the same people we were thirteen years ago.  I remember us sitting over coffee and debating philosophies of life for hours.  He still has the same quirky sense of humour.  It’s no wonder couples get back together after so many years apart.  My aunt and uncle went to prom together, then after failed marriages and grown kids, they reconnected, got married and are living happily ever after.  There’s always hope of the happily ever after!


Lunch with The Director.  Maybe he can make me a star?

3 thoughts on “Day seventy

    • Oooo what is that suppose to mean…“It’s no wonder couples get back together after so many years apart.”.. hehe

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