Day seventy-two

The Concert Date

The Musician

I met The Musician at the Tranzac.  I was late, as usual (I need to learn to be on time – I’m annoying even myself now!).  The bike ride uphill from my place had me feeling exhilarated (and really sweaty) when I arrived.  He had already bought the tickets and was giddy with excitement to see the acts that were about to come on.  His giant smile, making his whole face glow, was contagious.  When Corin Raymond started to sing about biking down Dundas Street, my affection that had grown through his first couple songs became love.  Accompanied by The Sundowners (David Baxter on guitar and vocals, Treasa Levasseur on the accordian, piano and vocals, Brian Kobayakawa on the upright bass), the folk/country/roots music was absolutely beautiful.

Jonathan Byrd, the headliner, performed his album Cacalack – which he recorded in six hours with some incredible musicians (The Sundowners, plus John Showmanon the fiddle and vocals, Chris Quinn on the banjo and vocals, Andrew Collins on the mandolin and vocals, Ken Whitely on the National Steel and vocals).  Between each song was a story – long stories about his young song, his dad’s death, his love for white oak trees.  He is an engaging man with such heartfelt, honest presence about him, which was even more apparent when we met him after to sign our CDs.

The Musician wanted a song, instead of an image to represent our date.  In a compromise, we took the picture above and here is one of the song we heard last night – Wild Ponies by Jonathan Byrd (The Musician wanted New Moon Rise, but I can’t find it online to share, so Wild Ponies it is… Note to Mom – you will not like this, it’s country folk):

Great live music gets my soul.  It makes me feel so many emotions (I had a few tears during Father’s Day about Jonathan Byrd’s dad).  I have so much love after a great live show, a date can’t possibly be bad.  And it wasn’t.  After burritos, a walk to his street, and I cycling downhill, the wind rushing past me, I was emotionally drained and feeling absolutely fantastic!  The Musician was amazing company, but even if he wasn’t, I’m not sure anyone can ruin a good concert (although I really don’t want to put that theory to the test!).


Late drinks after work – the problem with working a night job and most people having day jobs.

9 thoughts on “Day seventy-two

  1. found your site on today and really liked it.. i bookmarked it and will be back to check it out some more later

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  5. I love the Tranzac! Mostly been there for plays though – but its such an interesting little venue 🙂 My roommate actually Produced a play there this past fall and it was phenomenal 🙂

      • Death Trap! A Thriller in Two Acts.

        It was awesome – I’ve actually seen a lot of the plays put on there by the NAGS players, cute little theatre to watch some shows and have a drink. A bit annoying though that they still have live music in the bar while the plays are on, gets a bit intrusive on the plays unfortunately.

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