Day seventy-three

The two-dates-in-one-night date

The Designer

It didn’t start out that way.  And neither were proper dates, as they both involved one drink and a quick chat.  But my advice to anyone trying to do this – don’t.  I have friends who actually plan two dates in one evening – a dinner date and a drinks date later.  Far too confusing for my liking.  What if you are having a good time on the first date?  You have to either bail on the second date last minute, or leave the date you are enjoying.

What happened last night was not planned.  I had to work later than I had anticipated (the problem with trying to date every day and work a night job), which meant my original date of late drinks was going to be super late drinks – a concept I wasn’t sure my date was going to be ok with.  Then The Irishman (of my date last week) came in to the pub and offered to buy me a drink after work.  One Black Velvet later (Strongbow and Guinness, for those of you who don’t know – yum), I had to leave to meet my original date for a glass of wine (who, it turns out, was ok with super late drinks).  Well, The Irishman got all sensitive and I felt bad.  We both stormed off.  And I let out my frustrations by cycling very fast uphill.

Luckily, The Designer made me feel completely relaxed as we enjoyed a nice glass of red wine and chatted about the project (yes, more talking about dating rather than actually dating – I should really stop telling people about the project).  One glass of wine, then bedtime.  A very short date.  I slept so soundly last night because of all the ups and downs.  Too many emotions are doing me in!  I would much rather be dating one person thirty-one times!

Stop the whining…

I’ve decided I need to stop whining about this month and look at the positive things.  I get to meet some incredible men and look at the city through their eyes.  I feel special that all these men are wanting to go on a date with me.  I love the fact that I’ve been able to connect to each of them in some way.  I get to do some pretty neat things – like go to eat in the dark at O.Noir, try out new restaurants, learn more about interesting topics like sustainability.  I chose to do this project and I need to remember that when I’m having a bad day!


Dinner at a wine bar in Yorkville.  I love good wine and good food.  Especially when it’s with my high school crush!