Day seventy-six

The second day date

The Intellectual

“Today I met Brad Pitt.”  The Intellectual was teasingly upset that I hadn’t started our first date post this way.  Someone told him once that he looks like Brad Pitt.  I can’t see it – not that he isn’t handsome – but I thought I’d appease him.

Our second day date involved brunch with a coupon I bought from Teambuy during couponing month (each month is starting to help out the next one) and a walk in the rain.  He is such an inspiring person.  He works as a political strategist and has plans to change the way we look at communities.  And brunch was delicious!


I can’t write too much as two dates have canceled on me in the past two days for today, so am trying hard to find a replacement before heading to visit my parents for dinner tonight.

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