Day seventy-seven

The I’m-sick-of-guys-canceling-at-the-last-minute date

Me looking really sad

It is a sad day for my 31 days 31 dates – I didn’t have a date yesterday.  I tried really hard, but after one cancel, and one no-show, I had to leave to come to my parent’s house sans date.  (At least I had two quick dates in one day the other night, which keep me at 31 dates, even if there isn’t one every day.  But it’s still annoying!)

It all began weeks ago when The Worst Match, after adding me to Facebook through a friend who sent him my blog, told me he wanted to take me out.  Apparently he’s attracted to “misguided Troskyite woman” (he really knows the way to a girl’s heart…).  As I watched his right-wing rants appear on his profile (including “Thank You President BUSH!!!!”), and the picture of Stephen Harper as his profile picture, I couldn’t imagine someone who is more opposite than me.  But he is a friend of my friend, so I was hoping that maybe he would surprise me and be charming in real life (or be a really bad date that would be fun to write about).

A plan was made to grab coffee, then go to the open clay class at the Gardiner Museum.  I was looking forward to it and it had been planned since last week.  Well late Friday night I got a message from him saying he has to work a charity golf tournament all day Sunday.  He just remembered – apparently.  I wasn’t very happy.

A friend from work saved the day and set me up with her friend – or so I thought.  He agreed to come out (she spoke to him while I was there) and I was waiting for his phone call yesterday morning.  I didn’t hear from him until last night when I was already at my parent’s house.

Lukily, I’m a pretty easy going person and I’m not taking all these people who are canceling on me personally.  Or else I’d be a huge mess!  But I am really sad I had to spend a day without a date.


Lunch with someone who used to be the teacher of a class I dropped out of because I didn’t like it.  Should be interesting…

2 thoughts on “Day seventy-seven

  1. Bush and Harper….good riddance!! And you were going to take him to a place of Art, shame on you. I bet he loves Ford too.

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