Day eighty-one

The too-young-for-me date

The Baby - cool tattoo inside his bottom lip!

The minute he made a joke by calling me mom after I asked if he’d had enough to eat, I knew we were just too far apart in age.  “You’re not a cougar, more a puma” he told me.  He did recover nicely, though, with a “you don’t look any older than twenty-three”.  The Baby, at twenty-one and nine years younger than me, was a sweetheart.  He paid for everything.  He wore a teal shirt that reflected the clear blueness of his eyes perfectly.  He seemed a little nervous at first, but as we got to chatting, time flew by.

I first met The Baby when he was a busser at a restaurant I used to work at many years ago.  We talked occasionally at work functions, but I wouldn’t have called us friends.  He was very young at the time.  He found me on Facebook last month and asked to be one of my dates.  He’s very cute and I remember him being lovely, so I had to accept.  I was looking forward to seeing him again after all this time and catching up.

I had a nice evening despite our gap in age and the fact that we were both a little tired.  However, we did both bring up the age difference more than either of us would have liked.  It’s a hard thing to ignore, as we are in such different places in our lives.  But we also had a lot of fun.  After a beer at a dive bar, we headed to the cutest little restaurant called Local Kitchen & Wine Bar on Queen near Roncesvalles.  The food was absolutely to die for.  So delicious.  We sat at the bar, ate and chatted until it was time to walk him to the GO Train.

We aren’t a romantic match, but I enjoyed his company.  And he is such a gentleman.  He will make some girl really happy.  Anyone know of any cute, good girls (with a little edge) around twenty-one I can set him up with?


Lunch with the no-show from Sunday (not The Worst Match guy, the other one).