Day eighty-two

The second-chance date

The Friend's Ex

I wasn’t sure whether he’d actually show up this time.  After last Sunday when I hadn’t heard from him, I figured he was one of those guys who agrees to things, but then never comes.  In all fairness, though, our mutual friend had set up the date for Sunday at the last minute when my other date bailed on me.  Turns out he accidentally slept through it/wasn’t 100% sure what was going on.  He deserved a second chance.

What my friend failed to mention is that The Friend’s Ex was her ex-boyfriend of two years.  I didn’t expect that.  It threw me off guard a little, and we were both a little awkward at first (me because my bike just broke – boo hoo – and him because his blood sugar was low).  After a bit of chatting, though, things went well.  It was fascinating to hear about his job as a 3-D computer designer of store displays.  And his family lives in England, which of course I loved to hear about.

I’m glad I gave him a second chance, because I enjoyed our conversation.  Sometimes we think that if people make a mistake, they aren’t worth the effort.  This is one example of how we should always give people the benefit of the doubt.  A second chance could lead to a lovely lunch eating wraps and enjoying a couple hours of long-awaited sun.

Speed dating update

I got my results back from speed dating and I matched with three out of the four that I picked (I don’t even remember the other one, so I’m not too hurt).  I also signed up to get statistics on the speed dating evening to share with everyone (it cost an extra $5).  Here are the stats:

You picked 4 people at this event.
17 people picked you at this event!
The men were picked an average of 3.5 times by the women.
The women were picked an average of 12.08 times by the men.
15 men received matches.
17 women received matches.
The match percentage was 76% (our average is 75%)

There were 21 men and 21 women there.  The Irishman got 9 matches out of the 13 he picked and my new girl friend got 5 out of 5.  Funny how the men picked more of the women, but not surprising!


Photography date this afternoon at the free Toronto International Circus Festival at the Harbourfront.  Theatre date in the late afternoon.  Concert date in the evening.  Too many dates in one day, but probably will be exciting to read about!

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