Day eighty-three

The full day of dates

My day told through five photos, going backwards:

#1 How I felt at the end of the day

I was so tired at the end of the evening, I felt like it was a blur.  As the Arctic Monkeys finished their set and I tried my best to keep dancing, despite how out of focus the world was to me at the time, I was so ready to call it a night and crash.

#2 The Masseur

Luckily I had The Masseur who held my purse the whole concert, and massaged the huge knot in my shoulder during the breaks between songs.  If he hadn’t of been there, I probably wouldn’t have made it through the evening.  Our first concert together, despite the fact that I’ve known him for a couple of years.

#3 The Red Bull Factor

How I’ve made it through a few of the dates this week.  And I never used to drink Red Bull!  That and a nap in the afternoon helped.

#4 Youth Theatre in the middle of the day

Youth Theatre in the middle of the day.  I was supposed to bring a date, but couldn’t find anyone to come with me.  It would have been a great story, too, because we had planned to make them go up on stage as a contestant in the Spelling Bee!

#5 The Circus Show

I began my day with The Director at the Circus Show at the Harbourfront.  It was pretty lame (except the lady above on the ring), so we left to have a beer and some food.  I knew the manager and he ended up buying us an extra round of pints.  Starting a day (after closing the night before at the pub and only having a few hours sleep) with sunshine, beer, and only salad to eat = me ending up feeling like photo #1 by the end of the day!  And still feeling blurry the next morning, so I have to do a photo essay as my blog post for the day!


Another OkCupid date with a handsome stranger.

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