Day eighty-five

The ‘finally’ date

The Philosopher

Sometimes there are people who you keep trying to meet up with, but life gets in the way.  Then you finally have your date.  This is what happened with The Philosopher and I.  Last month, at a friend’s birthday party, a bunch of us were talking about my upcoming month of dating.  The Philosopher (my friend’s best friend) told me that he would love to be one of my dates, even though we had barely spoken to each other.  He picked the 7th and the 17th as our two date times (or at least one of them).  Well, I had to work the 7th and he had to work then played baseball on the 17th.  Fate was keeping us apart, but amazingly enough we were both free yesterday afternoon for lunch and a chat and it actually happened.

Even though we hadn’t spoken that much at the party last month, we had made it through the initial meeting, so getting together this time was very comfortable.  He picked me up in his car (he’s my friend’s friend, so I trust him), got out to open my door, held the restaurant door open for me, insisted on paying the bill.

We talked about lots of taboo topics.  I love this.  I feel like we should talk about religion (he’s Jewish, so it was a totally appropriate topic of conversation, considering I’m not), ex-partners, his date the day before, my dates the days before, philosophy (not sure if this is really a taboo topic, but we did talk about it as he went to school for philosophy before changing into finance and philosophy was the only class in university I really didn’t understand), real estate.  I’m all about being open and I like a date who isn’t uncomfortable with speaking about all sorts of things.

We also talked about cool traveling we’ve done, which is always a favourite topic of mine.  He was born in South Africa, so it was interesting to hear about his childhood there.  He also did an awesome back-country ski trip that sounded amazing!

I had a really nice lunch with him, despite the fact that he really only asked me out for the blog.  I have no idea if he thought I was cute and wanted to take me out, or because he was doing me a favour, but either way, I had a great time.  I’m sure the religion factor (his mom wants him to marry a nice Jewish girl) will keep us from another date (unfortunately – but religion is one of those deal breaking factors that usually can’t be compromised around), but it’ll be great to chat again at the next party we’re at together.

Your Target Market 

Speaking of being Jewish, there are a many dating websites that are specific to a demographic (and not my demographic), that I want to mention:

And there are many more, if there’s a specific demographic you’re into that I didn’t mention.


Another concert!  With the ex-boyfriend…