Day eighty-six

The ex-boyfriend date

The Ex-Boyfriend

Was it a bad idea or a good idea?   Will old feelings come up?  Are those old feelings bad or good?  Every time I meet up with my most current ex-boyfriend, I always ask myself these questions.  But then I remind myself why we broke up in the first place.

Luckily The Ex-Boyfriend and I have made peace with a lot of those issues and are very honest with each other about everything we are feeling.  We are also really comfortable around each other, so it makes for a good evening regardless of the situation.

Outside the El Mocambo after the concert

Tonight was no exception.  First, some really bad theatre (it’s been a long time since I’ve had such a negative reaction to a piece of theatre – at one point I was pinching myself so I could concentrate on the pain of my hand instead of the pain of watching the atrocious acting on stage – it’s why theatre has a bad name, but the design was awesome and the only redeemable factor).  Next, a fantastic concert: Sea of Bees as the opening act (just discovered her and bought her album – check her out here) and Stornoway headlining at the El Mocambo.  One of the best concerts I’ve seen in awhile.  Finally to my friend’s going away party to catch last call (my work-mates have now met five of my dates this month – it’s almost a running gag at work of who I’ll show up with next!)

I tend to be friends with my exes.  I feel like they were important enough for me to date, so they’re important enough that I want to keep them in my life.  Sometimes this adds complications.  And sometimes I feel like this might be a bad idea.  But mostly I’m just happy to have them around.

Here’s a Stornoway video for your viewing pleasure:


The co-worker date – a picnic in the park!

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