Day ninety-one

Another set-up blind date

The Footy Player

Look at those big manly hands.  The Footy Player is a first for me in many ways this month – the first Aussie, the first jock, and the first really big, muscular man.  It was a completely blind date, set-up by a friend of mine from work.  He had asked my friend whether I would be paying for the date, because he was ‘doing me a favour’ by going on a date with me for my blog.  I turned it into a joke, asking him what kind of flowers he would like when I picked him up (and I actually did bring him a flower).

The original plan was a trip to High Park (it would have been his first time there – he’s only been in Toronto for six months), but the dark clouds and high probability of rain changed into a walk around his area (I met him outside of his apartment, by his suggestion) and a couple of beers at the Bier Markt on King.  We sat on the patio (the rain held out for a couple of hours) and watched the crazies come by – one even trying to sell us Visine, saying it was a good way to drug your date by putting it in their drink, then smashing it with his foot, spraying all over The Footy Player’s leg.

The Footy Player’s from Melbourne, where I lived in 2008-09, and ‘barracks’ (cheers) for the same Aussie rules footy team that I cheered for when I was living there – the Western Bulldogs (go Doggies!).  He travels a lot too.  But after that we really didn’t have that much in common.

When the lightning started and it was about to rain, the server brought us our bill.  He asked whether I wanted us to split it.  I said I’d pay for.  We ran into a friend of his who said he’d just been on the worst date – they had a quick two drinks, then she said she was tired and left.   Funny because we just had two drinks and I was really tired.  As I waited for the streetcar, he ran off home, trying to avoid the impending rain.

Not the best date, but not the worst.  There wasn’t any romantic connection there, but he’d be a great person to party and travel with.  And I did love to hear about all his travels (especially some crazy stories from his trip in Africa).  It was a piece of Melbourne – a city that I miss terribly.

Go Doggies! Aussie rules football in Melbourne.

Matchmaking services

If you don’t have friends to set you up, there are a bunch of matchmaking services that will match you up with someone they think you are compatible with.  I could not afford to do this, hence me relying on my friends to be my matchmaker.

Soulmates – Jewish matchmaking services

It’s Just Lunch – matchmaking for busy professionals

Venus and Mars Matchmaking– exclusive introductory service: must be single, successful, attractive, marketable, secure, and interested in a long term relationship – $1,000 package (three introductions) and a $5,000 “elite” version (a personalized search for up to 10 people).

Eligible Inc. – professional relationship service

Perfect Partners – personal relationship executive search firm – packages range from $3,800 (which gets you 18 months unlimited introductions) to $15,000 (for two years of “highly personalized” searching)

Hearts Canada – professional introductory service for sincere singles

LifeMates – Relationship consultants arranging meetings with interesting, compatible people of the opposite sex to achieve your relationship goals

Click here for an article from the Toronto Star about matchmaking services in Toronto: ” She paid $8,000 plus a “success fee” of $4,500.”


A home-cooked lunch with my pick-up from Friday night.

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