Day one hundred and seven


If one thing comes from this year, it had better be organization.  I hit a bit of a organizational rock bottom yesterday, when I invited a friend over for an early dinner, then was so caught up in writing and getting other things done around the house that I lost track of time and I had nothing prepared when he got here.  Not only that, I hadn’t even decided what I was making.  We both were so hungry (I told him not to eat because I’d be providing food) that after throwing around a few ideas of what I could make, I ended up taking him out to dinner instead!  I was frustrated with myself (and very hungry) and I think he was a little disappointed I hadn’t cooked (although he’s very easy going, so  didn’t complain).

It ended up turning out great, though, because we went to Island Foods for West Indian food and he knew what to order.  But I was still frustrated with myself and a bit embarrassed, so today I spent an hour organizing my food for the next week.  I am not going to end up in that situation again!

Doubles, Goat Roti and Ting

Dinner at Island Foods consisted of a boneless goat roti (curried goat mixed with potatoes and wrapped in a thin flatbread called dahlpouri – I don’t think I’ve ever had goat before – very chewy, but tasty), boneless chicken roti (my friend had this and I had a bite), doubles (a common street food in Trinidad and Tobago, a sandwich made with two flat fried breads called bara with curried chick peas called channa in between – more on doubles from Wikipedia here), and the carbonated soft drink made with Jamaican grapefruit, Ting.  It was very tasty, although very filling.  I had to stop part way through my roti as I was too full.  The doubles were my favourite.

Roti and doubles half eaten


German beer and sausage and a trip to the St. Lawrence Market.

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