One hundred and twenty-four

Welcome to Only Online Purchases

I’ve made it to month five and I’m so proud of myself – despite those people who look at me funny when I say what the project is, and then ask why in the world I’d put myself through this (In the name of art? Just for fun? For the book? It’s my calling? How do you answer that question?!).  I’ve made it this far because of the people who read, the people who support and encourage me, and those that help me get through the months by being a part of my experiments.  Thank you – you know who you are.

This month, everything (yes, everything) that I spend money on will be bought online.  Groceries will be delivered to my door.  Clothes will be purchased online without me trying them on (I will probably be sending a lot of things back, as I tend try on ten things before I buy one – although, maybe this will change my habits).  Tampons will be given to me by a delivery man and I will have to sign for them.  I will learn the skills of shopping on ebay and trusting that sellers will send their products after I’ve sent them money (scary!).  I will use my extreme couponing skills to get  free products or buy groupons for restaurants.

I will compare the prices, ease of shopping experience, time and energy of online versus in-person shopping.  I will interview some people who prefer online shopping to understand why they believe it is a better way to shop.  I will also probably have to sacrifice some nights out with friends  – no last minute beers at the local pub.  Potentially most importantly, I will be working on my planning skills again. If I don’t plan ahead I will be without food, deoderant, and coffee – a hungry, stinky, grumpy waif will be writing this blog if that happens!

If anyone has any great websites they use to shop with, please send them my way. I am going to need the help.

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