One hundred and twenty-five

Online pizza

Did you know you can order pizza online?  Apparently everyone knows this, except me.  Considering I spend many hours each day on a computer, I have a lot to learn!

Last night I was shown how easy and quick it is to order pizza online at  You can choose from one of their pizzas, or build your own, where the image of the pizza on the screen will change depending on what toppings you add (you can even choose to have certain toppings on half).  It took my companion less than a minute to order and the pizza arrived less than 20 minutes later.

Screen shot of Build Your Own Pizza at

You can order online pizza from most of the big chains.  A quick search turned up,,, and, although I’m sure there are many more.  No waiting on hold, then trying to communicate exactly what pizza topping you want and spelling out and explaining your address over the phone five times until the person on the other end finally understands where you want the pizza delivered.  And no more time-wasting calls for the staff, where a customer calls to order then changes their mind a few times, stopping to ask everyone in the room what they want on their pizza while the employee waits impatiently on the line.  Ease of service, although much less human interaction (a topic I will explore more later in the month and my concerns about it).

I know this is a simple first step for online shopping (and probably not that interesting to those of you who order pizza online all the time), but I have to start somewhere!

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