One hundred and twenty-eight

Writing after drinking two bottles of wine with a friend over lunch is very hard, so bear with me. One glass led to two over good conversation, which led to two bottles and her running off late to her dinner date.  She lives out of town, so a catch up was in order.

It is also hard to shop when you’ve been drinking.  Have you ever had a beer after work, then tried to go grocery shopping?  I always want to eat and buy everything.  My brother’s girlfriend sent me to buy a couple of things for dinner from the grocery store with money from my brother, while she started cooking.  It was so hard to go into a grocery store and not buy anything besides what’s on the list and fit into the budget of the money that was given to me to shop with.  I really wanted to buy spinach for a salad I’m making for a picnic on Friday.  The fresh juice by the door when I walked in looked delicious.  But I kept to the list and bought only what I was sent for.  Yay me!  But so difficult.

Which brings me to online shopping.  Should I or should I not do some online shopping today?  Will I end up buying too many things I don’t need?  I do need to order some more food for next week.  However, I would like to see how many veggies are coming on Friday for my delivery before I end up getting too much food and it goes to waste.  It also seems I’m indecisive when I’ve had a couple glasses of wine!

While I am deciding, here is an amusing video/rant about online shopping:

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