One hundred and thirty

I got my delivery of organic veg and other items today from Front Door Organics!  I had bought a Groupon for two weeks worth of organic veg delivery for half the price during my couponing times and I saved it to use this month.  It was so easy to change and add things to my “box”.  And unlike the other organics delivery that I got during couponing month, this one actually has vegetables and fruit I will use.  I also had them add chilli hot chocolate, earl grey tea and tampons (sorry guys, but had to mention it).  They even dropped it off at my back door!  This should last me a couple of weeks with what I still have in my fridge from last month.

Getting food online has been so easy so far, although I’m still not certain about leaving meat and dairy products outside of my back door in the summer.  I need to find a solution to this or I will have to be vegetarian for the month.


I resisted temptation once again yesterday evening, but didn’t sacrifice my social life (a hard balance).  First, I was given two free tickets to see When Harry Met Harry at the Fringe Festival by networking through Facebook and the generosity of Allan Girod, the creator of this fun one-man show.  My friend who joined me bought me ice cream afterwards in exchange for the ticket/for next time we go out.  Then we met up with other friends of mine at a bar, where I sat and had a glass of water while the waitress gave me evil glares (I would too if I were her – who sits in a bar and only orders a glass of water?!).  Everyone was enjoying their evening and eating and drinking, and I sat with my glass of water and tried not to feel left out.

Funny thing is, I felt pretty great afterwards that I didn’t give in to temptation and I had a fun time regardless.  And I saved a bunch of money.  Maybe this only online shopping challenge is a blessing in disguise – teaching me not to blow all my money on evenings out and enjoying the simpler things like the conversations and picnics in the park with homemade food (how I spent my afternoon today).

2 thoughts on “One hundred and thirty

  1. For meat in the organic boxes, you put out a cooler full of ice for them to put the meat in. You just need to let them know before hand. It also depends how long it will be out there, but thats how its usually done.

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