One hundred and thirty-two

Is it cliche to be worried about the lack of human contact?  The more I shop online, the more I realize that in essence you could go through life without ever having to speak to another person.  You could order all your food online and have them leave it outside your door.  Movies, music, books can all be ordered off websites and downloaded or shipped to you.  Clothing can be purchased, mailed and returned if they don’t fit, all without contact with a single human being.  You don’t even need to speak to anyone on the phone to order pizza anymore (although I suppose you would have to have some contact with the delivery man)!  It’s like a futuristic sci fi novel, where a society is controlled by computers and people no longer need to interact with each other.  Except it’s not fiction.

The more that our society turns towards this, the more important it is to keep family and friends close to us.  Maybe that is why so many people will go out for dinner, go to the cinema, or sit in a public park instead of their own backyards.  Human interaction.  Feeling a part of the community.  Speaking to other people after spending nine to five starring at a computer and interacting only through telephone and e-mail.

I’m missing the experience of going to the grocery store, or browsing the shopping mall, or ordering pizza by speaking to someone on the phone.  Surprisingly I miss the chit chat with the cashier at the Metro checkout.  I’ve spent so much time there recently with international cooking month and coupon month, it’s become a small pleasure.  The convenience of online shopping is great, but it’s a solitary way of life.

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