One hundred and thirty-six

I did a lot of online shopping yesterday.  Too much probably.  Do I really need three new dresses?  But in order for me to talk about online shopping, I sort of need to actually shop online.  I’ll be interested to see how quick things are shipped to me.  And whether they fit.  A tape measure and a photo don’t really help me see whether the clothing suits my body type.

I realize I’m not very good at finding amazing deals on the web, so I thought I’d ask my online shopping expert friend Michael to answer a few questions to help me out:

1. Why do you shop online?
I can either find hard-to-find items that are unique or useful (like tech stuff or gadgets) or I can find things for ridiculously cheap. Both have their plusses.

2. Where do you find the best deals/what sites do you regularly use?
Checking regularly on ebay really helps if youre looking for something specific, like a certain brand of clothing or accessory, but you have to be good at sniping auctions to get the best deals.
My favorite online store is Everything is shipped from Hong Kong , so if you can wait 3 weeks , they don’t charge shipping and the prices are unbelievable.

3. Do you have any funny stories about online shopping?
Nothing really funny. I only had one bad experience where an item from India I bought on ebay never came to me, but I filed a complaint with paypal and after a week got a refund.

4. What’s the best deal you got online?
I got a $900 Invicta watch for $96.00 with free shipping from the US on eBay. I also just recently got a 5meter strip of waterproof LED lights for $40.90 with free shipping and the cheapest other online store I saw it in was more than $250.00.

Thanks Michael!

7 thoughts on “One hundred and thirty-six

  1. Hi Linds,
    I recently started shopping online and buying more of the Groupon, Team Buys etc coupons.
    Most are easy to process. I found this site called Beyond The Rack and purchased two tops. It took almost 3 weeks to get them but I received updates as to order and shipping etc. I would rather get instant gratification on my purchases instead of 3 weeks even if the deal is too good.
    That is my 2 cents.

    • I have tried Beyond The Rack and am still waiting for some rubber boots from them. I agree – by the time you wait for it to be delivered, you’ve lost interest a little. I also like the instant gratification. As well, once you add the shipping fees it doesn’t seem like that great a deal!

    • Are you making fun of my love of dresses? 😉 I bought one with an online coupon from an eco-friendly store called Lav and Kush and the others from Old Navy – cheap and I wanted to see what their shipping was like.

      I just spent an hour and a half looking at all the amazing dresses on Mod Cloth. I love them all and can’t decide!! You’ve created a monster! I must not buy the eight dresses I want!

  2. I required a special tool to repair my bike. I was able to buy it locally, but, the store would need to order it in for me (7 to 10 business days). I went online, saved over $50 on a $99 item and had the item shipped immediately. Shipping (postal service) took about 7 days.
    I now use online shopping a lot and highly recommend using bargain finding software.

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