One hundred and thirty-seven

On Wednesday night at 9pm I bought groceries from  I chose to have it delivered this morning between 10am and noon – yes, you can pick when you want it delivered, so you don’t have to wait all day for it.  Amazing!  I was looking forward to having it arrive at my house without trying to lug the groceries around on my bike.

Grocery Gateway is operated by Longo’s and delivers to Toronto and surrounding areas.  It is like a regular grocery store, but online, with different “aisles” of products, which made it very easy to choose the products I wanted.  And there were some fantastic sales (cheaper than I can get at my local Metro, but the $11.95 delivery fee somewhat cancels out any sales I found).  I ended up buying just over $70 worth of groceries, including frozen foods, fresh vegetables and pantry items.

I was so impressed by the whole experience.  It was so easy to shop online, choose my delivery time (you can get groceries for the next day, if you want), and be at home when it arrived.  The delivery driver called me on my cell phone to let me know that he was 10 minutes away and was lovely when he arrived, explaining everything.  The food was fresh and the cold stuff cold.

This is the first experience since starting online shopping where I am truly sold on the idea of it.  It would be great for busy parents who work fulltime or executives that can’t get to the grocery store.  The $11.95 delivery fee is a little expensive (especially if you were doing this every week), but is worth it for the convenience if you can afford it.  Although I will still shop at the grocery store, I will definitely be using this again for bigger shops or as a treat when I’m super busy.

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