One hundred and thirty-eight

Just for fun (and no I haven’t bought anything off of these sites)…

Bizarre online shopping sites:

  • – buy real estate on the moon: “A select group of properties in the Sea of Vapours are now available for $18.95/acre.  Also available: Sea of Tranquility, the moon’s most prestigious location, $37.50/acre…”
  • – “We sell you revenge in a plastic vial to give to your ex-girlfriend or whoever has pissed you off enough to make you seek revenge on them.. If you want a method of revenge that doesn’t involve permanent damage, risk of personal injury or jail time, you have come to the right place.” This is a true website that you can buy pubic lice to take revenge on someone.
  • – “Many people with feet of different sizes buy one pair of shoes for each shoe size and use only one shoe from each pair, leaving a closet full of unused shoes… This site aims to help those people by allowing site users to list their single shoes or mismatched pairs of shoes for sale and to search for other single shoes or mismatched pairs of shoes for sale in their sizes.”
  • – “One can tell a lot about an airline’s image from their Air Sickness Bags. Some barf bags are no more than a baggie with a twist tie, while other sickbags could win international design competitions. Are they art? I think so. You decide.”
And that’s just a few of the bizarre online  shopping sites out there.

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