One hundred and thirty-nine

‘Catwalk’ videos!

I have just been sent a link to one of the best additions I’ve seen to an online clothes shopping website.  ‘Catwalk’ videos., UK’s largest online-only fashion and beauty store, has videos attached to all of their clothing that show a model walk up and down the runway with the clothes on.  Also included is the model’s height and what size she wears.  I keep complaining about how I have no idea how a dress will fit by a photo of the garment on a mannequin.  This allows me to see how the piece of clothing moves and how it fits on a person from every angle. Go to, find something you want and click below the photo of the item on “View Catwalk”.  It even has sexy catwalk music to go along with the video!  By far one of the most useful additions to an online shopping site to help a consumer choose a product that would best suit them.

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