One hundred and forty

Mid-month update

Each month has its challenges.  For extreme couponing it was finding the coupons and living that lifestyle.  Art and international food months were hard to plan a different event every day.  Date month was, well, difficult in so many ways (see every day in May for details).  This month has been challenging in both finding interesting things to write about every day and refraining from making purchases outside of the online world.  There is always something spontaneous I want to buy that I can’t.

Online shopping is only convenient to those people who are good at planning ahead, or for items that you don’t need right away.  Think about the amount of times you make a impulsive purchase.  At least once a day, right?  You buy a coffee from Starbucks to perk yourself up in the morning.  You run out of butter and you need some for that recipe you are making for dinner, so you go to the corner store.  Your friend calls you on your way to his house and he needs you to pick up ice for the sangria he’s making.  You see a coffee grinder in the window of a shop you pass and remember those coffee beans your landlord gave you as a gift in your cupboard that need grinding.  Things can pop up all the time, and especially in the city we’ve become accustomed to being able to go to the store and buy items at the moment we need them.

I’m sure those living in rural areas where they don’t have the conveniences of 24-hour corner stores and shopping malls down the street would think differently.  But I grew up in the suburbs where everything I ever needed was a couple of minute walk or drive away.  I’m used to the “now” mentality.  This month has been hard because it challenges that way of thinking.  It is changing the way I think about purchases.  It is making me value the objects I do get a little more because of the effort that went in to buying them.  Although this makes me want to scream most days, it also makes me smile.

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