One hundred and forty-two

More online shopping statistics

Nielsen Global Consumer Report on Global Trends in Online Shopping, June 2010

  • From the survey polling 27,000 internet users worldwide, the top three planned online purchases are: books, clothing/accessories/shoes, and airline tickets/reservations
  • Only 16% of respondents have never shopped online.
  • Globally, one-third of consumers say they do their internet shopping at retailers that only have an online presence (no physical store, for example
  • 57% consider online reviews before making a purchase
  • 95% of internet users from China and Korea intend to make a web purchase in the next six months
  • Comparatively, one-third of online Canadians don’t plan on making an online purchase in the next six month.
  • Almost half of connected consumers in the Middle East, Africa and Pakistan have never made an online purchase.
  • The tope ten global websites: #1 Google, #2 MSN/Windows Live/Bling, #3 Facebook, #4 Yahoo, #5 Microsoft, #6 YouTube, #7 Wikipedia, #8 AOL Media Network, #9 eBay, #10 Apple
Stay tuned in the next couple of days for some very interesting topics: buying alcohol online and virtual economies.

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