One hundred and forty-four

Online event tickets

The type of online shopping I generally do the most of is purchasing event tickets.  Concert, theatre, and cinema tickets are all easily purchased online.  There are many websites dedicated to online ticketing, which are easy to use, fast (when you are afraid the show will sell out – much faster than waiting for an operator on the telephone), and give you the option of printing your tickets at home (no more waiting in line at the box office to pick them up).  Unfortunately most online ticket agents do charge a large fee (the worst is Ticketmaster which can charge fees over $10 and you have to go pick up the tickets at one of their agents or have them mailed to you).  But there are ways to save money on the tickets, so those fees don’t seem that bad…

Tips to getting discount tickets

  1. Join the fan club of the band, e-mailing list of the theatre company or rewards club of the cinema.  Pre-sales and discount deals will be sent via e-mail through these lists.  I just bought Blue Man Group tickets for half price ($100 off – yep it costs that much to see them) and a musical called Next to Normal tickets for only $25 each – both because of discount codes found on the mailing lists of the producing companies Mirvish and Dancap.  These deals weren’t available when I tried to buy tickets without the codes.
  2. Back to couponing – look out for deals on the group buying coupon websites.  They frequently have great deals to theatres or other events.
  3. Buy a subscription to a venue.  Buying in bulk gives you discounts to the shows you want to see at that venue you like.  The earlier you buy a subscription for a season, usually the cheaper it is.
  4. Look out for cheap tickets on online auction websites and classifieds.  Sometimes these will be way more expensive, but there are the occasions when someone needs to get rid of their tickets last minute and will offer them for a discount.
  5. Buy directly from a venue if you can, instead of buying from the ticketing agents.  The venue usually charges less fees.

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